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Vision & Values

Women in Business was founded in the Fall of 2015 by two women who were passionate about business and empowerment. Knowing the struggles first hand of being a woman in the work place, they were determined to change the misconceptions and limitations by eliminating the inequalities. Together they set out to be a part of an organization bigger than themselves that still allowed them to make a mark.

Thus, Women in Business was formed on the principles of success through fellowship, determination, and wisdom. With the ever changing business world, Women in Business strives to empower its members through workshops, speakers, and an understanding of the realities of gender differences in the workplace. By providing its members with the knowledge and confidence to relentlessly chase their ambitions, nothing will stop us from success. 

Formed on the principles of success through

fellowship, determination, and wisdom.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Within this supportive network of collegiate women, we proactively prepare for and educate each other on the current trends in the workplace. We also strive to empower our members to seek involvement in the community and opportunities for growth. It is our goal to assist one another to develop the confidence we need in order to become successful individuals in our current and future endeavors.


Vision & Values

“To become the leading group of women at Illinois State University through personal and professional development. We strive to uphold an elite status on campus, in which women gather to empower one another.”

Fellowship: We work together as a team to fulfill our vision.

Honesty: We do not withhold any truths that could inhibit success for one another or the organization.

Courage: We inspire each other to seek new opportunities.


Wisdom: We are dedicated to continually looking for

knowledge. Knowing and understanding information so that we may be apply ourselves later.

Respect: We treat each other with honor and dignity. We believe in the value of each person’s perspective.​​ ​

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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